LicK ME hapPy * licK me HApPY * LiCk Me happY * licK Me hApPY * LIcK me HAPpy * LICk ME hAPPy * Lick me happy * licK mE hAppy * Lick mE HaPPy * LIck mE HaPPY *

Lick me happy performance group

In our performances we mix issues about gender and queerness with other important basic aspects of daily life and politics.

In our opinion queer issues shouldn't stand isolated from other important aspects of life and society. As well as being queer and living a non-gender-normative life, we are also (like everyone) affected by issues like bad work conditions, gentrification, exploitation in different ways, and so on.
In our performance work, it is important to us to question the structures behind these things in mainstream society. But we also want to look how these structures work in queer and alternative communities: how much are they victims of these things, but also how much are they part of the problem.
As seeing it might be easy to blame a clear "enemy" outside the own community, like the mainstream capitalist society with all the oppressive and exploitive structures, it's much more of a challenge to recognize this "enemy" in our own communities.
So for us being a queer political performance group means then also challenging and questioning ourselves and our communities: how much are we "part of the game", meaning how much are we part of the things we seem to fight against.
We've often experienced that also in our alternative communities we are having structures we normally blame in mainstream society, just in another more "alternative" shape.

Irony and surprising plots of our performances which often lead the audience on false trails with unexpected changes are also part of our way of creating performances.

Even if in some parts of our performances we have a clear political statement, we also leave a remaining part open to interpretation. In the hope of starting a journey in the audience's brains, and at best to give them something to take away, to question themselves and so find new ideas and inspiration for their lives.

current performances


at Oslo Queer Festival 2008


at Supamolly, Berlin, 2012-11-25